Brian Driscoll

Co-Founder, President & Executive Chef

Brian's inspiration for DRISCOLL Cuisine & Cocktail Concepts was simple: A wife who wanted to surprise her husband upon his return home from overseas military duty asked Brian to cook and serve a romantic dinner for them at their home. When seeing the sheer wonder of their reunion, Brian knew immediately he wanted more people to experience that same magic.

Trained in the Japanese hospitality tradition of “omotenashi,” which places a unique emphasis on anticipating guests’ needs and being selfless in service delivery, Brian is a skilled chef who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of the food and beverage industry and expertise in pairing food with wine, beer, and cocktails to clients when planning their special occasions.

Starting as a dishwasher at Sluggo’s Chicago Style Eatery, Tommy Lasorda’s restaurant in San Diego, at the age of 16, Brian worked his way from the back of the house to the front of the house, learning all aspects of restaurant operations. He worked as a server, bartender, trainer, and manager for large corporate chains, including Red Lobster, Claim Jumper, and Yard House. He also built a solid reputation as a top server and mixologist for independent, chef-driven fine dining restaurants.

Monique Hayward

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Monique is an award-winning entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, published author, and corporate marketing executive with over 25 years of business experience. She is currently the Senior Director of Marketing & Communications for Core Services Engineering & Operations at Microsoft Corporation. She formerly owned and operated Dessert Noir Café & Bar in Beaverton, Oregon, which she launched to fill a niche for upscale suburban dining options and was recognized as a standout in the market with awards for “Neighborhood Pick for Dessert” and “Best Bites” from The Oregonian. Monique also was a partner in Cerise Noire Software, a mobile software applications company.

In February 2009, Monique published her first book, Divas Doing Business: What the Guidebooks Don’t Tell You About Being a Woman Entrepreneur, which includes a foreword by Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman. In February 2014, Monique released her second book, Get Your Hustle On! It’s Not Just About Getting a Job, But Building a Rewarding Career.

Jordano Sessions

Culinary Creative Director

After winning “Best Teen Chef of 2009” from the Art Institute of Phoenix, Jordano graduated from the East Valley Institute of Technology’s culinary arts program at the age of 17. This culinary wunderkind accelerated his career, working closely under the tutelage of several of Phoenix’ prominent chefs, including James Beard Award-winning chefs Christopher Gross and Robert McGrath. Jordano went on to be among the youngest executive chefs of leading restaurants in Phoenix, including Second Story in Scottsdale.

Jordano brings a heightened sense of creativity, passion for quality and sustainability of produce and livestock, and intention of serving clients from all walks of life to his craft. He’s the Co-Founder of Southwest Permaculture and an industry leader and influencer who promotes the “Equal Rights Dining Ideology,” focusing on delivering the highest quality, creativity, nutritional value, and ethical standards as part of the DRISCOLL dining experience. For Jordano, preparing a meal is creating a gift for someone and he’s devoted his life to uphold the trust and respect of those who receive his gifts.

Our Chefs

Zane Brandon Cote

A native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Zane's passion and flair for ingredients and the art of cooking were nurtured at a young age. He has vivid memories of his grandmother's New Mexican and Spanish cooking, most notably the smell of roasting Hatch chilies. And it was a trip to Arizona at the age of five, when he watched Emeril Lagasse for the first time, that a chef was born.

At 16, Zane entered the culinary school at the East Valley Institute of Technology, and upon completing the program, he set out on his culinary career. He spent several years training under high-caliber chefs, including Josh Hebert of Posh, Payton Curry of Caffe Boa, and Jason McCrath of Second Story Liquor Bar. For his own style, Zane describes it as "profoundly unique, yet humble," emphasizing the importance of balance and evoking emotions with every dish.

When he's not traveling, lending a helping hand on a farm, or hiking, you can find Zane working on his next favorite dish: hand-rolled fetuccine with asparagus tips, roasted oyster mushrooms, smoked pimenton cream with a farm fresh egg yolk and smoked sea salt.

Freddie Rios

Freddie has been immersed in the world of cooking since he was a young boy, when he prepared traditional Mexican cuisine alongside his mom and grandma. From those origins sparked a desire in Freddie to create delicacies for people to enjoy.

Freddie's culinary career path has led him to become a sushi expert, beginning his professional career at RA Sushi, where he worked his way up from being a dishwasher. He learned the trade from Todd Register, a sushi chef with a passion for high-quality seafood and beautiful, elegant presentations. Now Freddie brings his own sushi artistry and style to Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar, where he continues to cultivate his skills and deliver creatively executed sushi that also upholds the traditions of the craft.

In Freddie's own words: "My passion comes from watching people enjoy the food I've prepared for them with great care. It's thoroughly entertaining to introduce people to new exotic fish and find they relish the foreign flavors I created."

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