The Promise

Few occasions warm the heart and feed the soul like a family-style meal. Choose The Promise when you want a communal and comfortable dining experience. The party takes care of itself while we deliver seamless service and fantastic food for everyone to share.

  • Chef prepares two appetizers, three entrees, and one dessert
  • $120/person (maximum 15 people)
Optional add-ons
  • Wine pairing at $10/person, where the chef illustrates how each wine complements your food
  • Cocktail service at $15/person

The Engagement

Throwing a bachelorette party? Hosting a viewing party for a sporting event? Just got a new job and want to celebrate with your closest friends? Host The Engagement, a high-energy cocktail party with tapas-style dishes and creative drinks.

  • Chef prepares five to seven small plates and two cocktails or glasses of wine per person
  • $100/person (maximum 15 people)

The Seduction

Fall in love all over again. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, reuniting with a loved one who’s been away for a long time, or showing appreciation for your business clients, The Seduction is our most intimate level of service. Go on a journey through a progressive multi-course dinner with wine pairings, each with its own unique focus and presentation.

  • Chef prepares four to five courses with wine pairings
  • $140/person (maximum of 10 people)

Dinner on the Fly

We’ve all been here: Out-of-town guests are days away from arriving and you have no time to shop for groceries, much less plan a meal. Or you’re having an impromptu party with friends and you want something a little more impressive than your typical delivery service or grocery deli. Book Dinner on the Fly and leave the rest to us.

  • Chef prepares three courses or family-style entrees
  • $110/person (maximum of 10 people)
  • Minimum of 48 hours’ notice
Optional add-ons
  • Wine pairing at $10/person, where the chef illustrates how each wine complements your food
  • Cocktail service at $15/person

*Prices include the personal chef service only. Food and beverage purchases are billed separately. For more details, please review our Service Charges & Fees.

Special Events and Corporate Parties

Have a larger party in mind but don’t want it to be just another ordinary, run-of-the-mill catered event? With DRISCOLL Cuisine & Cocktail Concepts, you still get our personalized, tailored service even for a larger event.

Also, our chefs and bartenders are available to teach you how to prepare a dish or cocktails that you’ve been wanting to learn how to create on your own. Whether it’s a private one-on-one lesson or a hands-on class for a small group, we’re happy to show you the way and let you in on our culinary secrets.

For both of these special services, please use our contact form to inquire about pricing.

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